Waterproof and extremely shockproof. Often used for sensitive equipment. Storm Cases are designed to transport and protect your valuables even under the most adverse conditions.

  Inside dimensions mm Outside dimensions mm
Storm 2050 241x191x108 299x248x119
Storm 2075 241x191x184 299x248x195
Storm 2100 330x234x152 360x290x165
Storm 2200 381x267x152 411x323x168
Storm 2300 432x297x157 462x340x170
Storm 2370 462x307x132 508x373x147
Storm 2400 457x330x170 488x386x185
Storm 2500 521x292x183 551x358x226
Storm 2600 508x356x196 538x406x211
Storm 2700 559x432x203 625x500x218
Storm 2720 559x432x254 625x500x297
Storm 2750 559x432x323 625x500x366
Storm 2950 737x457x267 795x518x310
Storm 2975 737x457x349 795x518x393
Storm 3100 927x356x152 1011x419x169
Storm 3200 1118x356x152 1198x419x169
Storm 3300 1283x356x152 1365x419x169