Elastic sheets, carpets and edgings intended for sound proof floor underlay used with new buildings, for example kindergartens, fan and machinery rooms, sport halls etc. Also added during renovation of flats and attics.


Intended for underlay of floating floors. Available in two qualities, Green and Black with the density 195kg/m

Stepisol sound edging.
Edging for sound and wind insulation between wood or concrete beams and the under floor construction.

Product descriptions

The products are based on elastic polyurethane.

Stepisol-sheet: thickness 5-150 mm, format 2 000 x 1 000 mm
Stepisol sound edging: thickness 10 mm, width 50 mm. length 2 000 mm.

Other thicknesses on order.



Make the base floor level if needed.

Lay Stepisol Black directly on the floor.

For floors with high weight affliction use Stepisol Green.

Inside walls with high requirements on air-sound, the insulation mounts to the beam. The remaining walls can then be fixed with chip board.

On top of the stepisol put the chip board, the chip board shall not be connected with the beam (nails, screws).

With concrete floor use plastic foil.

Renovation of flats and houses.
19 mm chip board (Nitagolv) can be used, or 22mm chip board with glued joints.

Renovation of attics.
Use minimum 2 x 16 mm chip board for floor.

Stepisol sheets, carpets and edging are recycled for manufacturing of new insulation.