Strong, functional and multisided. Harmony of power and clear lines.

  Inside dimensions mm Outside dimensions mm
HEAVY 4001 280x200x70 300x275x82
HEAVY 4002 280x200x100 300x275x110
HEAVY 4003 280x200x130 300x275x140
HEAVY 4010 370x240x90 390x310x102
HEAVY 4012 370x240x135 390x310x147
HEAVY 4014 370x240x180 390x310x192
HEAVY 4028 470x325x110 500x420x125
HEAVY 4032 470x325x160 500x420x175
HEAVY 4036 470x325x210 500x420x225
HEAVY 4040 540x380x130 575x470x145
HEAVY 4044 540x380x190 575x470x205
HEAVY 4048 540x380x250 575x470x270