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A suitable case for instruments, tools, medical equipment, campaigns, etc. Technobag is available in app. ten sizes.
  Inside dimensions mm Outside dimensions mm
Technobag 0  228x136x42 235x185x48
Technobag 0,3  244x161x42 255x210x48
Technobag 0,4  244x161x54 255x210x60
Technobag 0,5 244x161x66 255x210x72
Technobag 1  261x175x77 275x230x83
Technobag 1,5  326x222x77 340x275x83
Technobag 1,6  326x222x116 340x275x123
Technobag 1,7 326x222x156 340x275x162
Technobag 1,8 326x222x186 340x275x192
Technobag 2  382x237x100 395x295x106
Technobag 2,2  437x295x100 450x360x106
Technobag 2,5 437x295x116 450x360x123
Technobag 3  437x295x132 450x360x140